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  1. Diane Norbury says:

    Hi, I am an Australian primary school teacher currently living and working in Lombok. I have been here since 2008.
    Whilst I love the life here I think that it is time to broaden my horizons and a couple of my colleagues that have worked previously in Balikpapan have suggested that I look there. I plan to take a holiday there in early July, get a feel for the place and look at a few schools if I can.
    What is the school like at Pasir Ridge? How many students are there? Is it possible to visit the school?
    Do you have any suggestions for sightseeing while I’m there?

    • Hello Diane,

      Pasir Ridge is a great school to work for. We are well supported by the administration and company in so many ways. There are about 85 students from over 22 nationalities, making instruction exciting and enriching. As for sightseeing in and around Balikpapan, I would suggest visiting the organutan and sunbear sanctuary Samboja Ecolodge. This is a special place, indeed. If you enjoy bike riding, I would suggest bringing your wheels. We would be happy to invite you along our weekly cross country rides.

  2. Hi there, great website love reading it, so much info don’t know where to start! We are currently living in Atyrau, Kazakhstan where we have been for the last four years with Chevron. There is an ISS school here on the camp, and we have three kids. Not sure when we’ll make our next move but probably within the next 12/18 months I assume. Some good friends (who also like us have homes in CO) are moving to Pasir Ridge at the end of the year (no kids with them though). He is a keen cyclist, together with my husband they did a 100k recently on the Kazakh Steppe. I’ve just kick-started a blog of my own still in it’s infancy, so much to learn…. Regards.

    • Hello Debra,

      Cool. Good luck with the blog. I use it and my wiki for instruction. Just curious, is the couple moving to Pasir Ridge an ISS teaching couple or Chevron couple? We ride twice per week. Saturdays we log in 40-40k and Tuesday night’s are usually around 15k.

      • Our friends are Terrell & Patty Tankersley who are a Chevron couple based out of Glenwood Springs. We are currently in Breckenridge for a month, not as much snow as we’d like but still the skiing is great and good quality family time. Best wishes for 2012.

  3. Lauren Thomason says:

    Hi, Mr. Fullerton! It’s Lauren Thomason, one of your students you taught a few years back! Are still working at Pasir Ridge? I was searching PRIS when I came across your picture on a bike and clicked it and this web page came up. Hope you are doing well.

    From Lauren Thomason

    Have you met Mr. Cheese?

    P.S. I hope me writing this is okay.

  4. mariza says:


    We are considering Borneo as an option. I can not find a website for the Pasir Ridge International School or the French School. Please advise where I can search for that information.


  5. Mairi Laidlaw says:

    Hi Mr. Fullerton! How are you? We are in Uganda now!!! Has the school got any new students!

    Did you know a Mr Sudra from Cambodia? He is my tech teacher and he thinks he might know you.


    • Hi Mairi,

      Great to hear from you. How’s life in Africa? I am envious of you. I wish to live in Africa someday. Where did Mr. Sudra teach school in Cambodia? I was at Northbridge International School.

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