Rainy Day on the Ridge

Photo by Maxim Fullerton

The rain came early this morning. And it did not stop. Not once. This is the most rain I have witnessed fall in five years here in Balikpapan. Our weather gauge at school recorded 8.5 inches by 2:00PM. It’s 9:00PM and still raining.

To record this exceptional occurrence,  I took the grade 5 students out to film and photograph areas around our soggy campus. They will be creating their own digital stories about this tropical rain storm. Some are working on a twist in the plot after watching the raw footage. After storyboarding they headed back out in the rain, camera in hand, but this time with shields (yes, shields–we live in Borneo) and no umbrellas! Spontaneous project-based learning at its best.

Here’s our iMovie Trailer Rain on the Ridge:

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6 Responses to Rainy Day on the Ridge

  1. Gwen Martin says:

    How cool was that, well maybe not the rain, but the video was amazing. How great that you took a moment in time and made it a fun learning experience.

  2. Darren Hynes says:

    Pretty cool! Reminds me of torrential downpours in Uganda, Nigeria and Singapore. Wait til the sun comes out then the photography should be excellent…and you all sticky from the humidity. Great job Kalimantan Grade 5ers!

  3. Wendy says:

    Hi, Brent. I just started a BPN website (it was my flood day activity!). I posted your video on the site, if that’s ok. Please check it out. I’ll be fine to take it down, but wanted your permission to put it there. Hoping to do a big web launch soon and get schools, companies, groups on board. Also, if you could provide me any info regarding rock climbing and bike riding, that would be great. Feel free to log in and add it or give me info and I’ll put it on. Thanks again!! Love the video!!

    • Hello Wendy,

      Yes, please feel free to use the video. The students are creating the aftermath of the rainy day as well. There was plenty of damage to record and show the effects of the storm.

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