Keep Wehea Wild

Njuk Healing Ceremony

Getting wild in Wehea–sacrificial pig and chicken bloodletting (and smearing), protective prayers for the forest, intimate Njuk trance healing, ceremonial funeral dances and festivities, and the sweet sounds of a buzzing forest full of wild, endemic animals. Wow! All packed into just five days of travel. The Wehea Dayak experience was the real deal.

I am still digesting these impressions from my recent recon trip to learn about the Wehea Dayak, the guardians of the Wehea Forest, who live along the banks of the Wahau River in the ancient village of Nehas Leah Bing, located in East Kalimantan, Indonesia (Borneo). I can hardly wait to go back.


Watch the 50 second iMovie Trailer Wild Wehea:

Here’s the 15 minute video that chronicles my experience:

To learn more about the little known Wehea Dayak culture and the forest they protect, visit Ethical Expeditions. If you are interested in visiting East Kalimantan and spending time in an authentic Dayak village and magnificent forest, click to download the trip details.

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