Climbing Carstensz Pyramid in Papua

Photo by Brent Fullerton

One expedition, two summits. The team: two Brents and one Qubecois. The experience–priceless. The goal of our two-week expedition to Papua was to climb Carstensz Pyramid (4884 m/16,035 ft), the highest island peak in the world, in Oceania, and highest between the Andes and Himalayas ranges. The peak is located in the Sudirman Range, composing the western central highlands of Papua/New Guinea. For many mountaineers, Carstensz Pyramid is on the bucket list of rocks to stand on as they pursue the objective of ascending the Seven Summits, all world’s highest continental peaks.

In 1623, Dutch explorer Jan Carstenszoon first sighted the jagged limestone, snow capped peaks; however, the summit wasn’t reached until 1962. The Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer, famed for first climbing the Eiger’s North Face and authoring the novel Seven Years in Tibet (film starring Brad Pitt), was the first to summit this isolated, rugged mountain.

Photo by Brent Fullerton

With weather and time permitting, our second goal was to climb Puncak Jaya, also known as Igga Pulu (4863 m/15,955 ft). This is the only glaciated mountain in tropical Indonesia. It’s been mentioned that Puncak Jaya is a sacred place for many of the Indonesian and Papuan people because of it’s ice and snow. Carstensz Pyramid and Puncak Jaya are often mistakenly referred to as the same mountain (wikipedia definition), yet they are different peaks entirely.

Below is the video I created using iMovie. This was my first iMovie creation. In the past, I used iPhoto to create quick slideshows for presenting to students and teachers. With iMovie, I found the editing tools to be intuitive and friendly. Now I feel better equipped to support students and facilitate their storytelling video projects using this tool.

Here’s the story of my Papuan adventure.


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