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I decided to update my resume with different conceptual designs using two different online building tools: and Gliffy.

Comparing the two, the more intuitive infographic resume builder was definitely If you have a LinkedIn account, with a click you can transfer your data directly to your new profile. My boss said he preferred looking at the site over the Gliffy subway. He mentioned that displayed depth and more character. Also, he could download the traditional resume document for a quick reference. If you are looking for a simple, slick infographic resume builder then I would choose  Click here to view my resume story.

Before creating the Gliffy infographic, I looked at different infographic designers’ CVs on the Cool Infographics blog. I choose to emulate a ‘subway’ concept because it seemed fairly straight forward and much simpler to muster in one sitting. It still took several hours. Click here to view my resume webpage.

The design and formats tools were fairly intuitive, allowing me to drag and drop and copy and paste. I found the gridlines and rotational tools especially helpful in aligning and striving for precision. Hyperlinking my blog and wikispaces was a simple too. The bonus–autosave!

Once I had the basic layout desired, I was given the choice to keep the document private or public. This is similar to Google Docs. I chose public. The basic plan allows the user to create 5 diagrams for free. The initial embed code was for a web page, and other html link choices (and sizes) were available. Just a copy and paste–simple. Unfortunately, the embed code is not compatible for WordPress. The other html links can be used to insert into WordPress, yet, the hyperlinks are not active when viewing in WordPress. The embed code did work in my wiki page and all the hyperlinks connected-yeah!

I don’t plan abandon my regular resume format entirely. However, I do think this conceptual design shows a potential employer that I am able to use multimedia to illustrate who I am and how I can creatively contribute to their organization. Read 10,000 Words article 3 Reasons Why You Should Have An Infographic Resume to gain the perspective of a journalist attempting to get noticed in today’s competitive job market.

Now the challenge: to incorporate an infographic project into my classroom instruction! The data infographics I saw on Cool Infographics are super slick. I would not be surprised to see infographic becoming a standard web tool used in school classrooms. The creative, aesthetic design works so well in communicating a lot of data. What a cool way to spice up the standard research paper or poster board project.



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12 Responses to Infographic Resume Tools

  1. Tipster says:

    Nice work. You can augment this using software from a site called link to -> it will help you with a number of infographic widgets and themes.

  2. Nishadha says:

    That is a very cool infographic, another software that I have used to create Infographics is Creately, the pricing is similar and you have the ability to import your own graphics, but nothing beats getting it done by a professional company. If you are looking for Infographic resume then is another great site you can try, and you can import straight away from your LinkedIn profile.

  3. Avatar of Kao Kao says:

    What a cool resume, Brent! It looks great.
    I am sure the administrators will be very impressed.

    I will explore link to!

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  5. Kim Cofino says:

    Looking good! I like anything that will help you stand out from the crowd! Would you have chosen to design your resume like this if you hadn’t been in COETAIL learning about all these tools? Did Course 3 have any influence on your choice here?

    • Definitely, I was inspired by the Course 3 learning objectives. I like playing with visuals in all forms. Once infographics was mentioned, I immediately started to look online for examples to revamp my old resume. In the magazines I read I see see many interesting ways infographics are used to share information. I am more in tune with this now because of the course.

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    link to

  7. Nick Corben says:

    I am liking your style Brent. I enjoyed several of your other posts too.

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