PRESENTATION ZEN – our life and PE story


A Presentation format that reminds and require  us to be precise , visually appealing to make cognitive connection and effective. It was exciting to know how this new way of looking at effectiveness of presentations has guided us to be as specific as possible and cut on the noise and boredom out of the presentations. When I decided to make  my story I was particularly taking care of the following aspects:

  • Craft your story first :
  • Write on a slide as much only as you can write on a post it.
  • Its about ideas and concepts not the no. of slide
  • Slide should have as much info and  great visuals so without presenter speaking audience should be able to make the meaning out of it.
  • You should know what role are you playing , do you want to educate or  you just present the topic.
  • You should know the story and then you should tell the most important things.

Apart from those , while reading Garr Raynolds post , From design to meaning : A whole new way of presenting ,what inspired me were some of the aspects of presentation Zen, especially these six fundamental aptitudes by  Daniel Pink  in his book A Whole New Mind.  

Here are some excerpts  from “A Whole New Mind” which , I considered back and forth while designing my presentation, keeping in mind my Elementary audience. For ” meaning ” part, I made sure , I ask and take questions , clear there thoughts , ask there opinions so I can help them make meaning out of it.

Design : Not just decoration but design so that message and the purpose is clear . If it is clear then people may not even worry about decoration, as in case of airport sign.

Story: Not just data : data is available online : an excerpt “My students tell me that the best professors (from their point of view) don’t just go through the material in a book but put their own personality, character, and experience into the material in the form of a narrative which is illuminating, engaging, and memorable.”

Symphony: To me, Symphony is about utilizing our whole mind — logic, analysis, synthesis, intuition — to make sense of our world (i.e., our topic), finding the big picture and determining what is important and what is not before the day of our talk. It’s also about deciding what matters and letting go of the rest.

Empathy: Good designers, for example, have the ability to put themselves in the position of the user, the customer, or the audience member. This is a talent, perhaps, more than it’s a skill that can be taught, but everyone can get better at this. 

Play : In the conceptual age, says Pink, work is not just about seriousness but about play as well. Pink quotes University of Pennsylvania professor, Brain Sutton-Smith who says, “The opposite of play isn’t work. It’s depression.  As Pink points out, “Laughter is a form of nonverbal communication that conveys empathy and that is even more contagious than the yawn…”

Meaning:  There can be great meaning in even these small connections. Take the time before the presentation to meet people, linger afterwards to speak with as many as you can. This is where the relationships are really formed and where a difference can be made. Many people find a great deal of meaning by volunteering their time and “giving it away.


I hope you will see those aspects in my presentation .I have shared some interesting things that happened in my class below. Here is the presentation :


I was touched myself to see the difference in the attitude of some of my ‘Ms/Mr. Rude’ ‘Ms/Mr. Lazy’ kids.Now for every class someone or other is telling me a story about how the were Mr/Ms. Active at home . They are stopping each other from being Mr. Rude. Kids directly related themselves to the presentation. Some of them who were filled with self posed guilt , had all kind of questions in there defense at first. ” what if someone is in between” , ” is this a true story ” , “someone could  be Mr. Active , but still go to hospital , if they got hurt” etc. My answer ” Yes accidents can happen , but in real world if you will drive safely , mostly you reach to school or destination safely, we do not drive unsafe if we want to reach safe” , usually made them understand.

Another aspect which grabbed my attention ,was how each image triggered emotion, they were filled with laugh,grief,smiles,sorrow, sadness, introspection as slides changed the mood.

All together , I experienced the impact made by my   ” Presentation Zen ” ,  or  I should say in language of David Willow(A Brochure without words) , I could present the Brochure of PE and our life to the students , ” without words” .


It was good that  Gary videotaped my presentation. It was helpful to see myself presenting . Though it is always hard to comment on our own potential without being biased , but I will try to keep the bias out .

As a presenter I will give myself 6-7 on the scale of 10 . I have my own strengths . Usually I am not shy, confident, smiling, voice modulating,improvising and not sticking to the script or reading  , enthusiastic etc. trying to follow the rules of the game to be a good presenter.

I believe , I need to learn to add a little bit more of humor and some punch-lines to further engage my audience. Also looking in peoples eyes more often could be considered. I might have to start to use a little bit of mix of high and low pitch , as usually I use medium .

Thanks to the course I will be presenting a lot more and hopefully will be able to work on these areas.










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