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“Our world and technology are rapidly changing; teachers and administrators face new choices every day about how to use interactive technologies,” Jerlean Daniel, Executive Director for NAEYC.

On March 6th, 2012 NAEYC and the Fred Rogers Center released a joint position statement  on the use of media and interactive technology in Early Childhood programs. The goal of the position statement is to provide professionals with research based guidelines as they consider when and how to use technologies.

NAEYC and the Fred Rogers Center take the position that

“Technology and interactive media are tools that can promote effective learning and development when they are used intentionally by early childhood educators, within the framework of developmentally appropriate practice (NAEYC 2009a), to support learning goals established for individual children.”

Key messages from the report are:

1. When used intentionally and appropriately, technology and interactive media are effective tools to support learning and development.

2.Intentional use requires early childhood teachers and administrators to have information and resources regarding the nature of these tools and the implications of their use with children.

3. Limitations on the use of technology and media are important.

4. Special considerations must be given to the use of technology with infants and toddlers.

5. Attention to digital citizenship and equitable access is essential.

6. Ongoing research and professional development are needed.

A report on the key messages is available here:

A copy of the joint statement is available here:


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