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Lemon Dance

I think that its obvious from the fact that my fellow COETAILERS and I are in this course that we do not subscribe to be the kind of teacher that is showcased in the video, “When I become a teacher.”  Yet I am sure that we have all come across at least one teacher who we can compare to the ones being described here.  I came across my ‘teacher’ while I was student teaching.  He was a fourth grade teacher scheduled to retire the next year and everyone knew it.  Sadly his students that year did not learn a lot of things.  In an international school setting its harder to be the teacher described in this video but stateside I think its a whole different ball game.  I have only taught overseas so I do not know the systems as well but in the movie “Waiting For Superman” I do remember the teachers who are not effective educators being referred to as the “lemons” and how school systems can not get rid of the “lemons” and so principals end up doing the ‘lemon dance’ and moving these teachers from one school to another within the district.  What a shame!  We sure owe our students a lot more than a system that does the lemon dance.  Why aren’t we there yet?

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  1. Avatar of Lemlem

    Every competent teacher has strength and weakness. If any parent are not sure their child’s teacher, they need to make sure their child get the most from what the teacher has to offer. As Tolstoy might said “ Every infective teachers’ is ineffective in his/her own way”. Most schools have ‘lemons’. These are teachers whose reputation precede them them in the worst possible way.

    In every profession we have people who are not in to the job. Why should teachers be any different? Well, I would argue teachers occupy a special place in the occupational world although the profession does not attract qualified and ambitious people because it is poorly remunerated. As the old cliché goes, if a doctor mess around a patient may die but if a teacher fail to take up his responsibility as a teacher, he is killing a generation.

    Parents should play a role on following the quality of their child’s teacher. Here in Ethiopia some courageous parents complain anonymously and often go incognito and leave a message at the principals office.

    1. Avatar of Aroma Pannu
      Aroma Pannu

      Thank you reading the post and commenting. I agree with you that education is not ‘safe’ from its share of ‘lemons’ just like any other profession. I had never heard the old cliche but how true is it? You are right that parents do have a part to play – which they do and will if the well-being of their children is at stake. I just hope to see the educational system be one where lemons don’t exist for too long because like you said – the price is too high! At the moment this is not the case at least in North America. In addition, when one considers the impact that educators and an educational system can have on the future, it makes no sense to me that it is not more highly respected or as you say ‘remunerated’ to always draw the best of the best.

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