Apr 28

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Interesting website with kids talking about digital footprints, copyrights, safety and privacy.  I am sure there are many sites that have similar content but I loved the videos of the students giving the tips (peer teaching is always better) and the easy to understand language of the tips themselves.  An example:  “Treat your password like your toothbrush – don’t share it with anyone and change it often.”  If I taught older elementary students I can see myself using this for sure.

As a parent who a 7 year old who is quickly getting tired of me ‘policing’ him on the computer (and yes I have parental controls etc set but still check in when he is online) I might just have this website open the next time he is messing around and then have some discussions about using the internetsafely.


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  1. Avatar of Karen Robb
    Karen Robb

    Thanks for this link. I have children of my own and I teach grade 3 and I think that there is some valuable information here for us to look at together. I will definitely bookmark this site and share it with parents.

    1. Avatar of Aroma Pannu
      Aroma Pannu

      You are very welcome Karen. Glad that you can use it.

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