Feb 27

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“Welcome to the Collaboration Age, where even the youngest among us are on the Web, tapping into what are without question some of the most transformative connecting technologies the world has ever seen.”

Being a Preschool/PreK teacher and mom to 3 children who are 7 and under, this statement in Will Richardson’s “World Without Walls: Learning Well With Others. How to teach when learning is everywhere” article on Edutopia stuck a cord with me.  Sending an email, skyping with family across the world, using vocabulary like website, apps, folders, program, etc are just second nature to these 3-5 years old. Some of my all time favorite phrases to hear in my classroom are “let’s google it”or “look what I can do with this app?”

I am not too old.  I have been trying to stay ‘up-to date’ -reading, checking things out, messing about, and I have to say that I even like ‘techy’ things. Yet it is still so obvious that I am a digital immigrant and not a digital native. It just is not second nature to me as it is to these young ones.

Given what I have been seeing in my students, I have been asking myself this same question for a while- how do I teach when learning is everywhere? I know change has to happen but what is the most effective and meaningful way to make this change happen?

I feel like I have “accepted the challenge” and am glad to be a part of COETAIL- my “decidedly different group of “others,” people whom (I) may not know and may never meet, but who share (my) passions and interests and are willing to invest in exploring them together.”  I hope that through this avenue I will be able to form that “safe, effective network and community” so that I can explore and learn to become a true “connector” for my students.



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  1. Janette

    As I read your blog post, I immediately connected with your thoughts. I too am a digital immigrant. I envy our digital natives that are already tech savy at an early age. I know I can learn a lot from them and they too can still learn from me. This course has already got me excited to be a more active part of our collaboration age. We can face this challenge together.

    1. Avatar of Aroma Pannu
      Aroma Pannu

      Looking forward to the journey, Janette

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