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Shelfari Reading Group

We have been using Shelfari to upload bookshelves on our web page for a few years and I introduced it to our middle school students. They loved it, but since I didn’t follow them, I didn’t keep track of their … Continue reading

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Involving Parents

Last March, I read “Why Read?: on the essential link between literacy and the imagination” by Sven Birkens in School Library Journal. I kept it in my reading list for months and read it all over and over again. I … Continue reading

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How To Teach Standards Revisited

This the time of the year where we try to plan ahead for the school year. What worked well last year? Why? What went wrong and what can I do about it? What should I add? remove? Thanks to COETAIL … Continue reading

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Welcome Parents!

Each month, I write an article for Seisen families in our school newsletter but the number of parents visiting the library has decreased over the last years. I created a presentation for them. The library should be a place of … Continue reading

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A Challenged Based Exhibition

A month ago, Seisen’s grade six students presented their exhibition, which marks the end of their elementary students life: “Students aged 10 to 12 who are in their final year of the programme are expected to carry out an extended, … Continue reading

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MOOC and Online Library

Tomorrow is graduation at Seisen. About forty young women are going to leave Japan for the United States, UK or elsewhere and their parents are going to spend a lot of money and energy for their education. Most graduating students … Continue reading

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Hey, Teachers! Leave The Kids Alone!

I just read this article “Explore, Create, Survive: ‘Minecraft’ is a versatile and fun game with broad appeal” in School library Journal. “The breadth of things educators are doing with Minecraft is staggering and the potential is there to do … Continue reading

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EARCOS Highlights

One month ago, I had the privilege to attend the EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Schools) Teacher Conference where I spent about one week with 1,500 (!) educators listening about education, thinking about education, talking about education and, most … Continue reading

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How Do We Meet Standards ?

My school just went through the long and painful, yet exiting, procedure of accreditation. I was surprised to hear that, in their self study, students complained about having to master too many different technology tools on top of learning content. … Continue reading

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Remix In The Library

At our school, there is no access to Facebook and chatting and playing computer games in the library is forbidden, at least during school time. Still, we do have girls giggling around computers during recess. They watch movies in You … Continue reading

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