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Resistance from students?

This week end, I went to a COETAIL/ EARCOS workshop about new technology. It was so inspiring that I started the week sharing links with colleagues and my seven grade class on citing sources and using NoodleTools/Google Documents was my … Continue reading

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Reflections on “how are our thoughts changing?

I spend my days with teenagers, and on the first glance they are not that different from the ones I met twenty years ago years ago when I started working in schools: same ups and downs, same waves of enthusiasm … Continue reading

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The Future Without Classroom

I  read Clayton M. Christensen and Michael B. Horn’s article Disrupting Class: Student-Centric Education Is the Future (, as well as the comments about it several time. How disturbing! We all know that there are plenty of good reasons to … Continue reading

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Tool Box

I just read a COETAIL post by Sandy Dodd called “The Changing Contents of the Librarians Toolbox.” I love the term “Tool Box”! My “tool box” is a library web page I set up five years ago where students can … Continue reading

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