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making connections …

i started to think about the/a connection between pastrami sandwiches and technology … or even as far as the relationship (if there is one actually) between pastrami sandwiches, technology and teaching. how can my favorite food — pastrami sandwich on rye with a bit of mustard — be so fantastic, memorable and enduring as my personal affinity for technology and teaching? do i need stretch the connection to make this work? Let’s not digress …

the immediate thought(s) that come(s) to mind is/are how pastrami sandwiches take on a threefold meaning for me: (1) the incredible satisfaction of all that soft beef that melts in my mouth; (2) how the saltiness of the beef is well balanced with the dryness of the rye bread and the tart mustard; and (3) the desire for more even after i have consumed the whole sandwich.

as for technology, the threefold approach can be used as well: (1) the satisfaction that comes with creating some new and meaningful that just melts in my thoughts; (2) how a small, lightweight device can encompass a balance of refinement in its compactness and speed along with a sophistication that allows multiple tasks to be performed simultaneously; and (3) the desire to learn more applications around eases of use to grow and simplify my life.

for teaching, however, we might need more than the threefold approach but let’s try: (1) the incredible satisfaction of helping a student learn something new about a particular idea or about herself/himself; (2) how the teaching profession is a complex balance of creativity, leadership, and organization; and (3) the desire to give my students the wonder and spirit to be life-long learners.

everyone must be guilty of at least one totally cheesy blog posting, right?