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doodling just got quite expensive!

i like the article on the 23 points because it could a great starting point for a discussion on how to handle a classroom with every student having a notebook or tablet in front of them. we could start the convo with understanding that before laptops, some students would doodle when they got bored … now that doodling has turned into a 2,000 USD pencil/pen! :-)  this half-serious analogy is just an attempt to drive home the point that computers are not the CAUSE of distractions or lack of attention in the classroom — it’s simply another, albeit quite expensive, tool for them to relieve their boredom or just to chill out for awhile (point #2 from .

now on to the 23 points that i found most useful and/or striking …

#6 Search — to be honest, i have learned how to use some of the more “advanced” search features but i don’t find myself using them much at all.  but, then again, i’m not using my searches to find much academic, university related research.  supposedly, this will be a skill that students will need to have in university but i need to find out more before i want to spend class time to work on these more complicated searches.

#7 Sage on the stage — great point for some teachers who still insist on standing in front of the class.  i think good teachers move around and have students sit in circles or groups or something similar.  but i’m not sure how beneficial it is for teachers to be online as well unless it means to just show the students that you keep up with them and share online experiences, right?

#8 Learn to use “mass” collaboration tools and create learning spaces — my favorite one!  most students want to be social … many students come to school (beyond being forced by their parents) to socialize … so, let them share, talk, socialize in group but just direct their conversations with specific roles and topics.

#10 Use Diigo–everyday — i just started using diigo and so i’m still getting used to it … i realized that i needed to use because i kept going around trying to find past articles and then spending so much time trying to find the important points … now i’ve discovered highlighting in diigo! :)

#19 teacher will use the same strategies as students when the going gets tough — not sure how to handle this … i guess one way would be to just simply spend time with the more reluctant teachers and show them step-by-step how to do something online or on their computers.  i remember that i started two teachers on using google docs but i didn’t push them — i just kept suggesting to them that what they were doing would be more efficient if they used google docs.  it wasn’t until they finally months later that they asked me to help them set it up … but this was after being their friend and gaining trust.