Zen Presentation

Assignment 2 of course

Presentation Zen

Presently I am involved with a swimming unit for all my classes. At the beginning of the unit, we spend a lot of time talking about the safety issues. During Coetail course 3 we learned about the Zen presentation, which, proved to be very informative and helpful when I shared it with my students at the pool. The presentation was visual with little text in it, that kept students engaged throughout and ensured better understanding.

There was a remarkable improvement in their learning about the issue of safety at a swimming pool. I was surprised to hear the answer of kindergartners, who remembered about 80% of what was shared about three weeks ago.

When I presented this to my colleagues, I was very nervous initially, but, I was able to overcome that phase soon, I think, it happens with most of us, we do better and improve at every practice. I will make sure I address this weakness by having practices.

When I was reading from “a whole new way of presenting” I like what Dan Pink said ‘we are living in a different era, a different age. An age in which those who “think different” may be valued even more than ever.

I also liked the six fundamental aptitudes outlined by Pink which are Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play and Meaning. Use of these will definitely bring a huge change in understanding of the students.

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