Pecha Kucha Presentation

( Pecha kucha Presentation )

Pecha Kucha-AK,Monika, Atul final

It was a wonderful experience when I was trying to find technology tools which could be used as aids in physical education classes. I am more than happy to use these in my PE classes, as I find them very informative, accurate and motivating for the students.

During Coetail course 3 we learnt different types of presentations and I find all these very useful and knowledge enhancing. I have used Infographic and Zen presentation in my classes and noted that students enjoyed these and were engaged during the presentation. They were able to recall most of it even after three weeks. Pecha Kucha is a presentation where we have 20 images X 20 seconds for each image and the total presentation would finish in 6 minutes and 40 seconds.  I am not very sure to use  Pecha Kucha presentation for my little ones in elementary school.

I am convinced that as Physical education teachers, we must use these technology tools to upgrade the teaching and learning in class.

Finally, I strongly feel that the one who use 21st century technology tools will be valued more than ever.

Thanks to Gary and Dana for these teaching these to us.

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