Profile for technology literate physical education teacher

Profile for Technology literate Physical Education teacher


  • Finds out the technology resources available at school, plan activities so to best use the available resources for teaching physical education activities to class. (1, 2 and 4)
  • Plan the learning activities and use technology-based devices such as heart rate monitors, pedometer, and speed and distance monitors etc. to help students get engaged in analysis, synthesis and interpretation. (1 and 3)
  • Uses technology for communication with parents, class teachers and administrators.(5)
  • Apply strictly the policies of privacy and security of student’s data such as their personal, fitness, and ability information. (6)
  • Appreciate student’s talent in use of technology and sharing it with peer students, teachers and parents. (2,3,5)
  • Help students to learn to use technology for self and peer- assessment such as clock, measuring device, images audio and video. (4)
  • Uses technology for assessment to understand the individual need and to differentiate in class for better teaching/learning. (4)
  • Uses tools to collect data for the purpose of planning and improvement in the performance of students. (4)
  • Uses results from assessment measures (e.g. learner profile, computer-based testing) to improve instructional planning, management, and implementation of learning strategies. 2,4
  • Demonstrate and advocate for legal and ethical behaviors among students, colleagues, and community members regarding the use of technology and information ( 5,6)
  • Participates in technology-based collaboration as part of continual and  comprehensive professional growth to stay abreast of new and emerging technology resources that support enhanced learning for students (5)

The numbers in parentheses after each item identify the standards (1-6) most closely linked to the activity described. Each activity may relate to one indicator, to multiple indicators, or to the overall standards referenced.


National Educational Technology Standards.

  1. Technical operations and concepts.
  2. Planning and designing learning environments and experiences.
  3. Teaching, learning and the curriculum.
  4. Assessment and evaluation.
  5. Productivity and professional practice.
  6. Social, ethical, legal, and human issues.



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