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Educators generally agree that the primary purpose of education is to help each child develop to his or her fullest potential. As physical education teacher, I believe, the use of technology will improve the overall learning experience. I also think that use of technology should not reduce the physical activity time. It should be used to enhance the quality of physical education.

I decided to work on profile for technology literate physical education teacher for my final project, I started afresh and tried to stay within the realm of the NETS so that it would serve as a document in accordance with our NASPE standards.

When I signed for the first Coetail course I was absolutely blank about the use of technology in physical education, and I had never used these tools in my classes. But after attending, and learning through, these courses I have started using the technology in my PE lessons. I find a huge improvement in my teaching and in students learning.

Today we have a huge variety of technology such as Heart rate monitor, Digi walker,SDM(speed and distance monitor) and cameras,which we can use to motivate students. Students are curious to know about such things and when given a chance to do so they do it more enjoyably.

A technology literate physical education teacher should make the best possible use of the available technology. These activities should be designed in such a way that we can use technological based devices (using images, audio, video) to make the learning process better and joyful. With the help of technology, it has become easier to assess and evaluate the student’s capabilities for planning classroom strategies and differentiation.

It would also help a teacher secure a student’s personal and ability information. Students should be appreciated and applauded for the use of technology with peers in class. This will help them use technology for self and peer assessment.

The language I used in developing the profile is age appropriate and further it would depend on the individual teacher and the grade level being taught.

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Thanks to Dana and Garry for teaching all of us. I am looking forward for future Coetail Courses.

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  1. Avatar of Monika Dewan Monika Dewan says:

    I am with you when you say that physical activity time should not be diminished, due to the inclusion of technology. Rather, I see with using the digital devices, we can help our students perform better, and achieve higher levels. It will be exciting to explore this digital path in the best interest of our digital learners.

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