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Course 1

PLN Mountain

I just finished reading Jeff Utecht’s blog on “Stages of Personal Learning Networks Adoption” http://www.thethinkingstick.com/stages-of-pln-adoption and have to admit that I’m feeling a little mixed up. Part of me is relieved and part of me continues to be scared to jump into the world of Personal Learning Networks. I don’t mean to sound mean, but it’s nice to know that someone as apt in technology today as Jeff still seems to wrestle with it every once and a while. So in that lies my sense of relief. You don’t have to understand it or get it all at once. It takes longer for some while others zip right up that mountain. Hey we’re not all mountaineers’ right? Heck I’m terrified with heights! And this might explain my still existing fears of stage 1’s “Immersion” alone! I have heard about PLN’s for some time. I am well aware of all the social networks out there…I have a 12 year old…but I have time and time again shunned them. I can’t seem to get past the idea of using up any more of my precious little free time to keep them up to date. It seems like I struggle with what I already have on my plate with family, work and hobbies. All of which are very important to me. I watch the amount of time kids spend on these networks and can’t fathom giving up that much of my time or giving up time elsewhere to put that kind of time into it.  According to Jeff “Balance” comes in the last stage, stage 5. That’s the flag on top of the peak. Knowing that it is possible to find a balance is comforting I suppose, but the time and toll it’s going to take to get there is still worrisome for me.

I have started to venture up that PLN mountain by opening a facebook page, this here blog and even a twitter account, which I actually seem to enjoy despite it being the network I resisted the most! I am slowly molding that Twitter account into my own little personal resource for current trends in “Street Art” and the artists who are making it.  A bit of “Evaluation” underway there perhaps. But for now the pace is glacial and even the immersion seems a bit shallow. I just need to give it more time and get into climbing form.