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Course 2

Personal Privacy For Everyone to See

Privacy rights have been a topic at the forefront of internet use for some time now with, from what I understand, seemingly very little being done about it. It’s never been well regulated and what is regulated is done so in a vague manner. The difficulty of protecting an individual’s privacy comes with the shear global proportions and continuously rapid growth of the internet itself.  No one body can possibly be in charge of monitoring something so vast. Any attempts to do so would most likely be ineffective. Often attempts to protect ones privacy actually results in the opposite where it too becomes invasive and faces the same backlash it was set up to quell.

It seems to me that the onus of privacy rights falls on the users themselves. Had it not been for an observant reader of the Facebook terms a few years back the more than 500 million users would have lost all rights to anything ever uploaded or published. Can you imagine not owning the rights to your family photos? Facebook, however continues to abuse users private information for their own gains, “giving out” personal data to eager outsiders. Facebook isn’t the only site that does it. It’s just the largest abuser. There are a number of sites I have been on where I have suddenly been interrupted by a small thumbnail of a friend off to the side. All this in attempts to convince me that if “this” product was good enough for my friend then it’s good enough for me. Who has given out my private information to these people? How do we stop it or at least slow it down? It is very concerning to me that so much about you can be shared with complete strangers, yet it seems to be a catch 22. The interenet is such an interwoven part of our lives today. We have come to rely on it. We want it all the time and any time. It’s addictive. To be very concerned and conscientious of where we surf and what we sign up for could be the only way to really protect ourselves. None of this may be ideal, but until things change users should go enter the water aware that very little is actually private anymore.