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Course 1

30 Seconds of Fame

Well here it is! I put it to the test later this week. We’ll see how it goes and get back to you!


The Parent Teacher Organization is bringing in StarTime Studios http://www.startimestudios.com.au/ a performing arts group from Australia, to present our middle school students with a filmmaking workshop. They requested that our group of students write a television commercial script prior to their arrival. This would be used with a green screen to film the commercial during the workshop.

This allowed me to hit several Performing Arts standards including script writing, improvisation and character development through voice and gesture. They had to create a product that they wanted to sell.  The students began by brainstorming their product, and they came up with The Brainy Pill, it makes you instantly smart for a limited amount of time.

I thought it would be fun if we used the infomercial format as a model for the student’s commercial. We started out by viewing: The Shamwow, The OXY Clean Detergent Ball, and The Snuggie. We discussed the persuasive language and how they presented all their information.

Next we broke the commercial down to the parts we needed so each student would get a part to play. We had the ad man, questioner, three satisfied customers, an expert opinion, and finally the disclaimer speaker. The students chose the parts they wanted; lucky for me everyone got what they wanted with out any fuss. They worked independently to write their individual parts. Next we combined all the parts into one script and began the revising and editing process as a whole group making sure it flowed together. Finally the students gathered costume items for their commercial persona. They were very creative, and our ad man even brought in an earpiece microphone.

They will be rehearsing and filming their commercial when StarTime Studios arrives on April 28th. After all groups film their movies or commercials they will be presented at a viewing party modeled after the Oscars.