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Course 3

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!


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It’s seems like we are finally hitting our stride after a crazy start to the school year with the completion of only our 3rd full week with students since the first day of school on August 15th. There were a number of false beginnings with Indonesian national and religious holidays as well as school professional development workdays. Needless to say the incorporation of technology into my classes up to this point has been minimal and unfortunately not all that exciting for students.

Diana and I were very pleased to see that our suggestions for strengthening the schools AUP were accepted by the technology coordinators here at ISR and implemented for the new school year. The use of the online student art gallery artsonia.com for all student work continues with much success for our tiny school. Parents have raved about the use of the site and students have been recognized with “Artist of the Week” nominations twice already this school year. The school has also just received our green screen kit. I’m looking forward to playing with that in collaboration with the schools technology teacher. Should be a great new toy for the students in Performing Arts who love getting in front of the camera a lot more than getting in front of a live audience!

In middle school art class we are working on correctly citing our sources for all images used in presentations regardless of media. It’s a learning process for all involved. I continue to grapple with how we should be citing images of famous paintings located on sites that are selling prints and posters or even artist search sites such as http://www.famous-painters.org/ .There seems to be little if any evidence of who has taken the photo of the painting that is now posted on these sites. Another issue that has come up is the lack of material available on sites like compfight.com for more specific topics.  For example recently my students were expected to research a contemporary modular sculptor. The artist would be presented to the class through any visual media selected by the student with one of the expectations being that all sources are cited. Compfight.com provided my student with all of 15 creative commons images. Hardly enough for a class to use. Using the “Any License” option provided us with a much larger number of images, however I am unclear as to what is meant by “Any License” on Compfight. In the end it was decided that since students would only be using the images in a classroom setting and not in the Internets public realm, that the URL would be sufficient for citing sources.

Looking forward to the rest of course 3! Jeff shared some very exciting things with his most recent posting. My mind is already buzzing with how I’m going sell them to the kids a la advertiser style!