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International Schools Riau AUP 2011-2012 proposal

International Schools Riau had just recently adopted the current version of the acceptable use policy with our move towards a 1-on-1 laptop program. The policy was already on par with what we were finding embedded into other international school AUP’s. We felt that our own policy only needed minor tweaking. Editing for any items that either needed to be clarified or seemed unnecessary. Additional items based upon current trends were also to be added or removed.

Originally this AUP was created as a grades 3-8 policy. However many of the topics seemed only to pertinent to the middle school students involved in the new 1-on-1 laptop program. The current K-2 AUP could easily encompassed the grades 3 and 4 as well.  The first change would be to make it only a 5-8 policy.

The four guidelines that served as the backbone for the schools AUP were kept in tack.

  • Respect and protect the privacy of self and others.
  • Respect, and protect all electronic resources like they were your own.
  • Respect and protect the intellectual property of others.
  • Respect and practice the principles of community.

These were showing up in other major international schools AUP’s and even on the United States Department of Justice’s website: http://www.justice.gov/criminal/cybercrime/rules/acceptableUsePolicy.htm .

Each indicator listed below the four guidelines were then compared with each other as well as with the other indicators found in the AUP’s we had already located. We noticed many similarities, but felt that the wording of some of our indicators could be made more middle school friendly. Additionally we noticed that in our AUP some items had found there way into more than one spot. Item 2d stated that students will “Not waste resources” and later again in 4f students will “Print with permission and not waste resources.” 2d was removed. This being the first year of our 1-on-1 laptop program also created new and unforeseen problems. Students were no longer using breaks for face to face socialization and physical exercise, instead choosing to game, watch videos, download music or chat online with friends from afar. As a result we felt it necessary to add both line items 4f and j. Students will “Not download or stream music, movies, or games for personal use during school hours.” and “Recognize recess and lunch are designated device free times.”

The hope would be that the update version worked on by my partner and myself could be presented to our administrator and the new tech coordinator when we return in August and prior to the student’s first day back. Any additional items that need to be addressed or come up could be done so then. Pending approval we could then introduce the new AUP to students during orientation and again to parents at back to school night. The policy seems sound and works for a school of our small size. However, technology is always changing and as a result these kinds of policies will need continuous updating.