Life Preserver III

Unfortunately this year spring break came a week earlier than most schools that tend to coincide their breaks with the EARCOS conference. The Friday before break was also another lost day with most of LA/SS class time getting eaten up by an exceptionally lengthy community time at the start of the school day. Needless to say we are officially really behind schedule.

Students did get some work down however. Final biography drafts are almost all complete. That being said there are always exceptions! A few students moved into the peer editing process and were able to give some nice feedback to each other. The goal for Monday is to have all students complete their peer editing so that we can send them off to Mary Dodson Wade for some valuable feedback!

Some real peer reviewing going on here!

Once we have Mary’s comments in hand our kids will be able to finalize their bios. In the meantime students will be able to continue to search, create and transfer visuals into the selected tools for presentation all the while keeping in mind that their target audience will be K-2 students here in Rumbai as well as at our sister school in Duri via Internet. This is an exciting part of the lesson for me. I am looking forward to seeing what tools they’ve opted to use for their historical biographies. What new tool that they may have discovered and we all get to figure out how it all works for what we need it to work for!

More to follow…

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